Shadow Scans

Is your light not shining its brightest?
Are you struggling with Shadow Work?
Do you find yourself stuck in the dark place?

Christian Cintron has created a new form of divination that looks into your shadow and helps you find more of your light.

We all change to fit into society. This can be love, money, or acceptance. It can also be because of shame, trauma, pain, alienation, or fear. This splits us up into the face we show the world and our world inside.

Psychologist Carl Jung called this world "the shadow." The shadow is the part of our subconscious where we put all the things we don't want the world to see.

Maybe you're really Type - A, you may have a shadow side who's lazy. You may be a people pleaser but there's a shadow part of you that doesn't care what people think.

Are you quiet? There's a part of you that wants to scream.

These parts of shadow need to see the light of day or they get distorted. While in the darkness, they can make friends with our repressed emotions, limiting thoughts, and personal demons.

This can lead to needlessly heavy emotions, toxic repeating patterns, drama. emotional turmoil, or even physical or mental illness.

In a shadow reading, you'll find out where your light is not shining and get some guidance for simple shifts to honor all of your spirit!

How does it work?

In a 30 minute session, using crystals and his intuition, Christian scans your energy. He'll read each of your chakras. He also checks your elements (earth, air, fire, water, love, light, and spirit).

He'll help you get a clear picture of where you are and offer helpful next steps. It's with clarity that we can truly shine our brightest.

Readings are $111 and you receive a free recording of the session. Sliding scale available.

Email by clicking the little envelope icon below or DM @Standup4yourpower on Instagram to schedule an appointment.